Praying for the Bahamas

Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Dorian the Bahamas are in a time of need. People have lost their lives , homes , jobs and even more due to this tragedy. Could you imagine losing your home due to a hurricane? Could you imagine your car being flooded away due to a hurricane? It’s an unfortunate situation to be in and that’s why we are now on a mission to do what we can to genuinely help from the heart.

Help the Bahamas

We are collecting food, clothes, toiletries, water and anything your heart desires to donate and sending it over to the Bahamas to genuinely help them in the time of need. We are on a mission to help as many people we can devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Join in on the mission with us. To have your donations picked up please contact us and we will come directly to you to pick up your donations.


Here at Feed The Streetz Foundation we are dedicated to giving back and help those in need as much as we can.