Feed The Streetz

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world for the better. To help homeless people with their daily needs food , clothing and etc. To bring awareness to poverty and change people lives for the better with the hopes of ending poverty for all one day. To help bring people out of poverty and try our best to put them into positions with better lifestyles and better outcomes. To encourage others on the importance on doing what you can to help others and give back to the community. To change ourselves in a more positive direction and then change the world in a more positive direction. We are fueled by passion and dedication.


Why you should join?

Help bring awareness to poverty. Help us feed the homeless and give back to the community. Help us encourage positive change in others and ourselves. We hope one day to end homelessness for all.


Here at Feed The Streetz Foundation , our goals are to travel the country , then the world changing people lives. Our motto is “Each One Feed One”. We believe by working together on the mission we can feed as many homeless people possible. Helping those in poverty with their daily needs and helping as many as we can get out of poverty. We are not only feeding the hungry, but we are also allocating resources to help them get off the streets. The main objective of Feed The Streetz Foundation is to assist the community in better understanding the political system that shapes our government, while also trying to curb drug addiction and other social issues that plague our community. Our goal is to bring light to those government officials that will help us elevate and combat these issues.