Justice for Ahmaud Arbery!


On February 23, 2020, 25 year-old Ahmaud Arbery was chased and gunned down by Travis McMichael, son of retired Brunswick investigator Greg McMichael, under the father's and son's pretenses of witnessing a burglary in Satilla Shores of Glynn County.

Evidence of this alleged burglary has not been released. Furthermore. McMichael's account of the deadly encounter with Arbery was not released until nearly 6 weeks following the shooting. Travis and Greg Michael have been finally arrested because of outrage from people like you. Justice for Ahmaud Arbery may actually happen but the fight is just starting. Your signature can keep the pressure up so that Ahmaud's killers get a conviction and his friends and family see justice. They've come so far and they need you now more than ever. Take the next step to help this petition.

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Justice for Ahmaud Arbery
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